Welcome, Stepmoms!

IMG_6988God is for you, and so am I!  My desire is for you to see yourself just as God sees you:  as the daughter, mom, and sister He created you to be.  Join me in looking at stepmom-hood with fresh eyes so we can embrace God’s purpose for our lives with an open heart and open hands.

I am a thirty-something wife and stepmom of two, for almost ten years now.  My stepdaughter and stepson are teenagers, and they have two different moms (one custodial, one non-custodial).  Although I was saved in middle school, I wasn’t walking with the Lord when I joined the family – only adding to the brokenness.  Always the gentleman, God patiently pursued my heart until I finally gave it all to Him  five years ago.  Mine is a story of restoration and hope, and I believe yours can be too.

If you love Biblical principles sprinkled with practical application, personal stories, and a little bit of humor, you will feel right at home here!  You can expect topics like prayer, identity, freedom, spiritual health, marriage, parenting, and friendship.  I welcome your feedback, suggestions, and prayers. Blogging is a step of faith for me, and I am excited to start the journey with you!