Prayer Tools

I find it very easy to get caught up in the busyness of  work, school, family, even church – and barely find time to get quiet with the Lord each day.  I am reminded of the passage in Luke 10:38-40, where Mary sat at the feet of Jesus while Martha prepared dinner.  Like many stepmoms, I identify with the task-oriented Martha – so how do I grow in my relationship with God?

The place Mary found at Jesus’ feet is the same place available to you and me.  It’s a place where we can be comfortable, where we can kick off our shoes and let down our hair.  It’s a place of transparency and vulnerability; a place where we are completely known yet completely loved.  (Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Joanna Weaver, Pg. 73)

Do you long for a space where you can talk with the Lord, share your hopes and dreams, fears and frustrations?  Are you ready to hear His voice for yourself and go deeper in His Word?  I invite you to meet Him right where you are!  I have also listed a few prayer tools below that have helped me gain traction in spending time with the Lord daily, as well as Pinterest boards where I stock up on fresh ideas.


IMG_7018 2

Prayer Chair

This little nook is where I meet with Jesus and quiet my soul.  This space is “set apart,” just like the time I spend with Him here.  I have a prayer shawl and antique quilt ready to wrap around me like an old friend.

Not long ago, I found a sign at Hobby Lobby that said, “Oh, let’s be adventurous, darling!”  I hung it above my prayer chair as a daily reminder of the great romance I share with my Creator.  It is in this place I imagine anything is possible, and I am free to dream big dreams and pray big prayers.



Prayer Journal

I have been writing in a prayer journal for about five years now.  This has been a very healthy addition to my prayer life, and allowed me to invite the Holy Spirit to guide my prayers in a more powerful way.  I carry the journal in my purse or work bag, ready to pull out in a waiting room, or anxious moment, or when I need to stop and get quiet with God.

The full journals, now tucked in the bottom of my nightstand, are treasured keepsakes:  testimonies of God’s faithfulness, of how He has made a way when there seemed to be none.


Bible Journaling

I decided to turn this fast-growing trend into a special way to pray over my stepkids.  As I color the illustrations and write words of affirmation in the margins, I am reminded to trust God with their faith and their futures.  It is a journey of patience – I may not see the fruit of my prayers today, or tomorrow, but I know God hears my mama’s heart.