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Welcome, Stepmommas! God is for you, and so am I!  My desire is for you to see yourself just as God sees you: as the daughter, wife, mom, and friend He created you to be.  I am a thirty-something wife and stepmom of two, for over ten years now. My stepdaughter (22) and stepson (19) have two different moms (one custodial, one non-custodial).  I don’t have any biological kids of my own.  I work full-time at a software company in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and besides blogging, I spend my down time cooking, crafting, and playing video games.  (Yes, video games.)  I confess that there are probably more pictures of my two snobby tuxedo cats and tortoise than my family on my iPhone, and the only reason I work out is because I love food.  My mama raised me to be an independent Southern woman, which basically means I am equal parts salty, sweet, and mouthy.

He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother.

Psalm 113:9

Although I was saved in middle school, I wasn’t walking with the Lord when I joined the family – only adding to the brokenness.  Always the gentleman, God patiently pursued my heart until I finally gave my life back to him seven years ago now.  Mine is a story of restoration and hope, and I believe yours can be too.  I may work in the corporate world, but my real passion is creating community and safe spaces for women to receive ministry.  Ask yourself: what if being a stepmom was a purpose, not a position?  I write about the hope, healing, and restoration available to step and blended families, while also sharing funny stories and practical advice from my own journey.  I especially love using Instagram and other social media platforms to encourage and empower women on the go!  Join me in looking at the steps journey with fresh eyes: I want you to feel at home here!


  1. kateconnects

    I have also been a stepmom for 10 years and just now stumbled upon your site…I quite ENJOY the idea of this being a “calling”!
    Thank you for your words ❤️

    1. thecalledstepmom

      Thank you for YOUR words!! I heard a wonderful speaker say once that being a mom is a calling…and I was like, so, is being a stepmom a calling then?! Not everyone’s in a frame of mind to think of it that way, but I can tell you that it (the change of mindset) made all the difference in my fam. It’s lovely to “meet” you. ❤️👋

      1. kateconnects

        I agree that words are SO important to shape your mindset!

        I lead a pretty large Early Childhood Team that serves Infants through Kindergarten age each Sunday at our church. I like to remind them, “You GET to serve this week!” Rather than, “You HAVE to serve this week!” Even calling them a TEAM rather than just VOLUNTEERS matters! Sorry for all the CAPS – I can’t use italics for emphasis!

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