Make Some Lemonade

It’s been a rough start to 2017: sick family members, losing a pet, job changes, major adjustments at home.  My grandmother (and probably yours too) has said that when life hands you lemons, make some lemonade.  I have found myself wanting to throw those lemons at somebody!  All kidding aside, my grandmother was right: this year will not be defined by the storms that come my way, but how I handle them.

Since giving my life back to Him, I ask God each December to speak a Word over the coming year.  This year, I heard Him say, “Be brave.”  I was initially excited, believing that He was asking to step out in a few areas so that He could move in a big way.  But now, whether or not those things come to pass, I understand that I will need to dig deep and find courage this year.  Instead of just weathering the storm, I will need to embrace what God is doing in it.  That means stepping out of my comfort zone, letting go of my fear, and being obedient in this process. But how?

  • Prepare for battle.  Ephesians 6 describes the armor of God: truth, peace, faith, righteousness, salvation, the Word…everything we need to face our enemy head-on.  Paul reminds us that our battles aren’t just for flesh and blood, but have spiritual implications.  Keep on praying!
  • Hang on.  James 1:12 tells us that “blessed is the [woman] who remains steadfast under trial.”  Stay faithful!  You and I may not be able to see what God is doing – but know that He is right here with us and we can place our hope in Him.
  • Take cover.  Part of being brave is trusting God’s timing.  Sometimes we need to take shelter under His wings, and rest in His goodness.  One of my favorite verses is Psalm 32:7:

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Are you like me, facing storms and uncertainty?  Did the year start off a little less “new” than you’d hoped?  We are daughters of the Most High God, and oh, how He loves us!  Be brave.  Step out, and see what God can do!

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